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Presale! gelimiteerde heruitgave van Twergi uit 1990.

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Alberto Alessi omschrijft t zo:

Over Sottsass zelf:

“He was the first person of truly international standing with whom I had dealings, and he came to Alessi preceded by the great acclaim he had won for his work with Olivetti, not to mention his status as a radical design guru. Ettore was a kind of philosopher who was incredibly charismatic and could talk about any subject at all in an interesting way. It was with him that I first discussed ‘high-minded’, ethical questions of design and the role of industry in society. Even though we saw each other only sporadically, due to a certain reluctance on my part, as if I was afraid of depleting my relationship with him, he was the first person I met in the professional field to truly inspire me.”

Alberto Alessi

Technical notes

ES14 - - Limewood centrepiece. Limited edition of 999 numbered copies. - h cm 13,5 ø cm 29,4 - h 51⁄4′′ ø 111⁄2′′

Made in lime wood treated with natural vaseline oil; the base features a bright red aniline paint nish. Lime wood is stableand lightweight; a wood that is particularly suitable for creating three-dimensional, sculptural shapes. Comprised of four partsturned with a semi-artisanal process
The “ES14” centrepiece has the typical structure of many of the pieces designed by Sottsass: an ensemble of differentoverlapping volumes that spread out towards the top, like “a tree with a great canopy and its roots rmly planted in the earth”The centrepiece is produced in the Strona valley with a semi-artisanal process. Nestling between Valsesia and Val d’Ossola,the Strona valley goes from 1300 metres above sea level and drops down to Lake Orta where the Alessi headquarters
are located. There is documentation of wooden items being produced in this valley from as early as the 16th century. Thedialogue between Alessi and this ancient craft tradition continues with the new edition of the centrepiece
Presented in the Of cina Alessi catalogue and produced in a limited edition of 999 pieces
Clean the item using a damp sponge and dry it carefully. In addition, treat it periodically with natural vaseline oil, whichnourishes the wood
This collector's piece is a must for admirers of the unforgettable designer

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  • rood en licht hout


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