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Designer Murken  Hansen

Murken Hansen

The design office Murken Hansen was founded in Berlin by Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen. We work for german and international clients as: Casala, Cor, Freifrau, KFF, Menu, Moormann, Philippi, Pieperconcept, Qdo Denmark, Radius Design, Stelton, WMF ... Our design aim is to make things better. We like: clarity, simplicity, intelligence, traditions, idea ping-pong, german functionalism, working on ideas for a long time, knowledge that is not hardened to certainty, people that make things happen. We think people should own less but better things and so we try to create products with an outstanding usability, top quality and simple beauty. Our formal concept is mostly soft minimalism. So our products are staying up to date for many years. This is our contribution to sustainability.


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